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Julie Grant

2007 Series
Julie Grant with M S Swaminathan ("father" of the green revolution)  in Chennai.

Julie Grant is an independent journalist specializing in the environment-science beat. She is a correspondent covering land use, wetlands and food production issues for the Environment Report, a public radio news service distributed nationally. Her pieces have aired on NPR programs including Morning Edition and Living on Earth, and on PRI's Studio 360. Julie worked for 13 years as a station-based public radio reporter, host and news director. In that time, she was named best reporter in Ohio by the Society of Professional Journalists, and won National Clarion and Public Radio News Director, Inc. awards. Julie attended SoundVision Production's Science Literacy Project in March 2006 and trekked around the Southeast U.S. with the Institutes of Journalism and Natural Resources in 2003. She lives in Kent, Ohio, where she is renovating the Herrick Arboretum and completing a master's degree combining studies in biology and philosophy.

She's also a graduate of SoundVision's Science Literacy Project.