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Vicki Monks

2007 Series
Vicki Monks: Photo by Leslie Schulz

Vicki Monks is a prolific multimedia freelancer from Santa Fe, New Mexico, who works as a writer, reporter, photographer and radio and TV producer. Her articles and documentaries have tackled global environmental subjects, from the deforestation of Irian Jaya in Indonesia, to the problem of plastic trash in the ocean, to radioactive runoff from the forest fire that swept through the Los Alamos National Laboratory near her home, and the worldwide problems of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. She is currently in Oklahoma where she's working on a book about modern Indians and environmental threats to Indian lands 100 years after Oklahoma statehood.

Her work has appeared on National Public Radio, BBC Radio, CBS' 60 Minutes, PBS online, National Geographic Television, National Wildlife Magazine, Vogue, Rolling Stone and American Journalism Review. As a young TV reporter in Oklahoma City, she covered the Karen Silkwood/Kerr-McGee case. Monks has a long list of national and international awards including the Prix Italia award for radio reporting on ecology, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Gold Award and the George Foster Peabody award for television reporting. A member of the Chickasaw tribe, she has taught at the University of Oklahoma's Gaylord College of Journalism. She was a professional journalism fellow at Stanford University, and a Ted Scripps environmental journalism fellow at the University of Colorado.