About the DNA Files

Ginna Allison

Web Director
1998 Series
2001 Series
2007 Series
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Ginna Allison became an independent producer for public radio in the early 1980s. Her work, which has won major broadcasting honors, includes a documentary about the West Virginia town that gave birth to the John Henry legend, a series on American holiday traditions, and ten features about the trials and tribulations of childhood.

Ginna is our Web Guru. She began developing sites in the mid-‘90s when getting a picture to line up on the page was high-tech. Since then she has played a primary role in the production of close to fifty sites, from static online brochure to interactive, dynamic research tool. With most Web projects she plays two roles: creative lead, information designer and writer; and coordinator of the project and its team of designers, programmers and others. She specializes in sites related to noncommercial radio and is proud to have been involved with SoundVision since its very first Web project: the original site for The DNA Files.

Ginna earned a bachelor of fine arts from Pratt Institute and the San Francisco Art Institute. When she's not working, she spends a lot time making things and trying to figure out how to slip away for her next travel adventure.