Radio Programs

Hosted by John Hockenberry and guided by an outstanding panel of advisors, the documentaries and features explore not only the science of genetics, but its ethical, social and legal implications. The series — produced by SoundVision Productions and distributed by National Public Radio — has met with wide acclaim and won many prestigious awards.

2007 Series

Beyond Human
Comparing the genomes of humans, apes and birds.

Designing the Garden
High-tech meals at the dinner table.

Minding the Brain
The double-edged sword of memory.

Rewriting Heredity
Searching for the genetic control knob.

The Heat Is On
Who wins and who loses on a warming planet.

2001 Series

Genetic Medicine

The ability of genetic technologies to predict, prevent and treat disease seems like a real possibility, but there are controversies and roadblocks.

Genetics & Applied Ecology

How genetic technologies have helped us understand ecology and manage environments.

Genetics & Astrobiology

Genetic tools help define life on Earth. New understandings about energy, metabolism and replication influence the search for life beyond Earth.

Genetics of Aging & Longevity

Researchers are looking for the Fountain of Youth, and turning to genetic tools — rather than foreign lands — to find it.

Planet of the Bugs

How researchers use their knowledge of DNA as a weapon against infectious bugs.

1998 Series

DNA & Behavior

Learn about behavioral genetics and find out: do you carry some of your fate in your genes?

DNA & Evolution

The human genome is about 99.9 percent identical among humans. What makes us unique?

Gene Therapy

Explore the science, ethics, and attitudes behind potential gene therapy treatments.

Genetics & Biotechnology

Do you own your own DNA? Explore the issues that arise when DNA hits the marketplace.

Law & the Genetics of Identity

Explore the ethical, legal, and social issues of DNA fingerprinting from the forensics lab to DNA databases.

Plants, Animals & Transgenics

The applications of biotechnology and the controversy that surrounds them.

Predictive Genetic Testing

Predictive tests can provide valuable information about your future health, but do you really want to know?

Prenatal Genetic Testing

Prenatal tests can provide valuable information about the health of a fetus — and raise tough ethical, social, and legal questions.

The Human Genome Project

A roundtable discussion with the researchers involved in the Human Genome Project.